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Keeping your Managed Hosting environment secure with four layers of security. We call it Quad Strength, you can call it peace of mind.
Our four layers of security enable us to protect your application servers, database servers and sensitive data from the bad guys by combining state-of-the-art tools with our team of trained managed hosting security experts. Our Quad Strength Security addresses these four areas of protection:


– peace of mind your client data and your server data are safe & secure.

Physical Security
Ultra Secure Facilities.
Physical Security for your Managed Server Both our datacenter and Corporate office provide the latest in advanced physical security features to safeguard your
mission-critical applications and data. We offer a geographically stable location, multiple video monitoring surveillance systems, proximity card/biometric readers. And our own highly trained technical staff is always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Ultra Secure People.
We hire only the best and perform routine comprehensive checks to make sure it stays that way. Experts agree that most breaches could be avoided with only a few simple safeguards. In this case we subscribe to the overkill theory and go to excessive lengths to ensure our entire staff is 100% committed to the same security standards we’ve applied to our own data.

System Security.
Creating a Hard Target.
System Security for your Dedicated Server Our full life cycle patch management services lower your risk of security breaches and mitigates downtime for mission-critical applications. We proactively (and quietly) test and then deploy relevant patches in the ongoing effort to minimize your hardware's exposure to exploits.

Keeping It That Way.
Our managed firewall service helps eliminate security holes and delivers an additional layer of security using specialized packet filtering ensuring clean data flow both to and from your environment. We reassign open ports when possible and close unused ports which makes your setup a less desirable target. Additionally we included McAfee Active Virus Scan on all Windows based hardware to negate most other software based threats.
Operational Security.
But You Can't Come In.
Operational Security for your Managed Hosting Data theft could easily extend beyond the client to the provider if we dropped our guard. That's why we review and update our operational security standards on a regular basis. We take extra care to keep our client records safe by closing any and all entry points to our internal network. This not only applies to outside access but internal access as well.

We Hear You Knocking.
Operational safeguards are critical to the health and well being of your data. We've addressed this by developing a series of procedures ranging from the proper handling and securing of confidential client data to advanced system logging, audit trails and data disposal. Our staff is continually trained on privacy procedures and we will work with you to develop a plan that fits your goals.

Data Security.
The Ultimate Jigsaw Puzzle.
Utilizing VPN, SSL and industry standard encryption methods, we help protect your data against prying eyes. By providing real-time network and server level monitoring for malicious network traffic and vulnerabilities we ensure your operating environment and data are secure from malicious activity.

Back it up.
Data Security for your Hosted Applications Our managed backup service provides the highest level of data security available, by allowing us to travel back to a better time. That time being before you deleted those critical files or before that failed drive or controller caused data loss. While hardware failure is unavoidable, data loss is. Whether it's a single file or an entire server, we provide a HUGE safety net which ensures you will never lose a single bit of data.

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