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– when you need it accessible on the desktop, the laptop, and via the web.

Email without Fail

Why spend another moment managing, maintaining, updating, upgrading, supporting and complaining about your email server application. If all you want is fast, secure and reliable email service, why not free up your time and let us handle it. We'll keep your email up and running so you can keep your business up and running. We provide an "Admin User" account so you can add, change, and delete users at any time via our web based email portal.

In addition all of our fully managed mail servers are on a rigorous daily backup schedule and are carefully watched by our systems administrators. We also provide advanced filtering capabilities which allow you to capture and process unwanted email before it invades your inbox.

We also provide unlimited access via any POP3 or IMAP compliant application such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange and mobile phones which are capable or accessing POP3 or IMAP email systems such as Blackberry or the iPhone.

Get Hosted Email today and Empower your Presence.