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Load Balancing for Managed Hosting


– when one server just isn’t enough and/or you need uptime reliability.

The goal of load balancing is to distribute web traffic evenly and efficiently among networked servers so that no individual server is overburdened. By doing so, load balancing improves network performance because individual servers are not overwhelmed by sudden fluctuations in activity. Load balancing is a critical component of high availability, clustering and fault tolerance needed to maintain uptime and reliability for high traffic Internet sites.

Load Balancing for Linux Servers

Linux & Windows Hardware Load Balancer

For Managed Servers, Dedicated Servers and Application Servers. This Load Balancing solution improves performance and increases uptime across many operating systems including CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Red Hat ES/EL & Windows Server environments. The hardware load balancer is fully managed by 1-800-HOSTING for maximum performance and uptime reliability. This option requires minimum 2 servers. Custom networking for load balanced, high-availability environments is our specialty, and the reason so many of our clients have selected 1-800-HOSTING as their hosting provider of choice. Let us custom configure your new network to meet specific needs for high traffic sites and/or uptime availability.

Load Balancing for Windows Servers

Windows Load Balancing
For Managed Servers, Dedicated Servers and Application Servers running Windows Server. The Network Load Balancing (NLB) service shares the total load between multiple servers and also provides for retained uptime even in the event of a failed server. This option requires (2) Windows Standard Edition servers or (2) Windows Enterprise Edition servers. We provide a 2nd NIC for each server, crossover cable and setup the NLB environment.

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