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Change Managed Hosting Providers to 1-800-HOSTING

we do it

– making the transition as smooth & painless as possible.

Migration without Aggravation

We provide a simple and highly managed approach to migrating your managed hosting environment and applications to our blazing fast and highly secure network. We make the daunting task of migrating your web data and applications a seamless one. Our database and systems administrators will quickly and thoroughly define the scope, establish the timeline and execute the plan.

Our (3) step plan makes it happen in no time.

1. Our account managers study your current web hosting configuration and create your customized migration plan which becomes the blueprint for your transition to 1-800-HOSTING. We document your current dedicated server or managed server hardware, operating systems, applications, databases and any other variables. Often times uncovering relationships between your web data, server hardware and applications that your team and current host might be unaware of. We fully understand that when you change A... it potentially affects B, C & D.

2. Once finalized, we review the migration plan with your team to ensure that everyone involved is crystal clear on the logistics, ETA for completion and your expectations throughout the process.

3. Then our team of systems and database administrators skillfully execute the migration to the 1-800-HOSTING network while ensuring minimal disruption to your web based operations.

Switch Hosting Providers today and Empower your Presence.